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Our Picks: After Hours (Deluxe) – The Weeknd

Early followers of The Weeknd’s journey know all too well his Up & Down feelings about Love (and drugs). Since day one, The Weeknd’s music tells the story of a R&B anti-hero. Someone who wants to be pure but has a tainted soul. Someone who needs love but can’t handle commitment. Being a heartbreaker is his formula and it works.

What to Expect

Drawing from the best sounds of 80s/early 90s Synth-Pop, this album feels like you’re walking through the an episode of the Netflix show “Stranger Things.” Not forgetting his roots, you really feel the Toronto vibes on this one. Fans of Drake will tell you they love how many of his beats sound like they are being played “under-water.” You get the same vibes here.


My Love List (Songs on my Playlist)

Keeping the production team tight and fluid throughout the album, The Weeknd finds his wave on this piece. Drawing from all the sounds that have clearly influenced his life, he finds perfect balance between the range of his voice & timeless production.

I wanna cut you outta my dreams… ‘Til I bleed out

All in all, this is the best album The Weeknd has done to date. With most songs being 4 minutes or longer, this well thought-out album will not disappoint. The lyrics are a bit dark so don’t bring your kids or grandmother along for the ride. Check out my picks from the album below:

  • Alone Again
  • Too Late
  • Hardest to Love
  • Scared to Live 
  • Snowchild (he flowin)
  • Heartless (obviously)
  • Blinding Lights 
  • In your Eyes
  • Save your Tears
  • After Hours (major heat)
  • Until I Bleed Out (my favorite)

Have you heard the Album? What’s your favorite song? Let us know in the comments!
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