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New Music Fridays: Blame It on Baby – DaBaby

Same as was said in our piece on Toronto 3 (Tory Lanez), I write these pieces from personal experience. Since being back at Underground (Chicago), I haven’t booked DaBaby myself, but I’ve definitely interacted with his camp from a distance. If you’re reading this, let me tell you something: This guy… is about his bread. Straight up. He goes hard non-stop on the road and, no matter what bad reviews are out there about his music, I respect this man for his drive and I listen to his music from that perspective.

Music Views: Studio Art vs. Entertainment

As a fan, how you listen to music and who you listen to is up to you. How you critique a person’s musical work is also up to you. For me though, I usually listen past lyrics (because most lyrics – no matter the genre is pretty trash/value-less nowadays) and I sometimes even listen past the beat (some artists have great flow/voices but horrible production). Either way, I try to analyze the purpose of the release & go from there. Mixed in with any context I have about the person and; if I feel I can get behind it, I add it to my playlist.

Remember, DaBaby came out just 13 months ago

Think about it. Most of you really only heard of him a few months ago. If it wasn’t for my right-hand man Sam Hysell, I would have been in the same boat. Thankfully, my best friend is a young hype beast, so DaBaby’s been in my air waves since the Gorilla Glue days (listen on Spotify) … and since his name was Baby Jesus lol. Anyways, since then, Dababy has taken over the Billboard top 100 charts many times and now claims he’s the “Best Rapper Alive.” Whether he is or he isn’t, I could honestly care less, but I can tell you he truly is about his business & it reflects in his approach to music & touring.

Shut down Concerts? DaBaby engages his Fans with Music

Putting it the only way I know how: DaBaby’s business tactics are head strong. At least when it comes to nightlife, this guy doesn’t give a f*ck… and honestly more power to him. If he doesn’t like something with the promoter or gets bad vibes with the venue, he will aggressively hit the rest of the market letting them know his services are now available. Many in the industry view this as unethical (cause sometimes he’s already guaranteed them a performance), but the way I see it the value is in his hands & he has to capture that value while the iron is hot.

In real life, DaBaby is non-stop. He will go days on end (not sleeping) performing, doing appearances, interviews, & doing Youtube freestyles traveling from city to city. People think sh*t sweet, but issa grind. To endure the long days of early am radio sessions, sound checks & interviews all day, performing the main show, and then to late night club appearances; you have to be a high-performing individual. Your motor, drive, & passion have to be at a whole nother level. When I see a guy come into town and go hard 4 days straight, I truthfully respect that (even if I think he’s too expensive too book lol).

Motor, Drive, & Passion

How does all this translate here? I respect this project because I respect his hustle. The world gets put on hiatus, his tour gets postponed, so he drops content for you to stream. Was it the best album ever? I don’t know. I don’t work for PitchFork. I do feel though, anyone around me in real life that’s trying to get that bag during this quarantine, I have the utmost respect for. So why not this guy? This album is the product of a man who’s new found income of money has just been put on pause and I’m with that. Press Play. Check out my picks from the Blame It on Baby album below:

  • Pick Up feat. Quavo
  • Lightskin Sh*t feat. Future & Jetsonmade | Love this beat. Jetson def made another one
  • Talk about It
  • Find My Way
  • Rockstar feat. Roddy Rich | I really like how he complemented Roddy here
  • Champion | He
  • Blame It On Baby | The boi can definitely rap no matter what ya think
  • Nasty feat. Ashanti & Megan Thee Stallion | Crazy he got Ashanti to do this lol
Have you heard the Album? What’s your favorite song? Let us know in the comments! Until next time.

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