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New Music Fridays: Tory Lanez drops Toronto 3

Before giving my review on Toronto 3, I gotta say I write these from my own experiences. So does every contributor on this blog. That said, my few personal experiences with Tory Lanez in the last year shows me he’s a hustler to the bones. In my opinion, his antics online the past few weeks since quarantine and the release of this mixtape shows just that: Tory gets it in by any means.

Tory Lanez: One of the Realest in Music

Many will come at me for that statement – “Realest” – and that’s okay. Clearly unashamed of his humble beginnings, Tory keeps it real every release. Mentioning experiences with previous shitty jobs like Denny’s, Tory is unafraid of your opinion. To me, that makes him real. In my experience at The Underground Chicago, many of these guys act tough from the jump. Acting like they been plugged since day one. Most of the time, at some point in their previous life, they rolled up their sleeves once or twice just like (most of) you & me.

Tory Lanez releases Toronto 3 Mixtape & Hosts Quarantine Radio Chicago

Non-Stop. Hard Worker

NBA All-Star weekend 2020: Tory Lanez hit every spot (it seemed). Take Friday for example? At party 1 in the evening, Tory sings 10 minutes (gets paid). At the roof top party top of the night, Tory performs 15 minutes (gets paid). At party 3 around 10-11pm, Tory drops new music (gets paid). My way late night (around 3am at Underground), Tory pulls up (gets laid). Keep in mind, this was just Friday. All Star was Wednesday through Sunday.

A Hustler to the Bones

The world goes on quarantine? Tory finds a way to get paid. It only makes sense to me. All that said, my favorite tracks from Toronto 3 are below:

  • Pricey & Spicy (added to my playlist)
  • Stupid Again (Going viral on Spotify. If the clubs was open, this would be hittin)
  • 10 F*CKS
  • Dope Boy Diary
  • Accidents Happen
  • Broke In A Minute
  • P.A.I.N. (my favorite probably)
  • Adidas (love how this song ends)
  • Who Needs Love (tied with P.A.I.N. for my favorite)
  • Do the Most (added to my playlist
  • D.N.D.

Have you listened? What was your favorite track? Let us know in the comments!
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