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In the Kitchen w/ Austin Vol. 1: A Pairing of Two Soulmates

Rummaging through the wine isle (specifically the red section), I see a ton of words. Usually lots of word’s and over-explaining means “STAY AWAY”! However, upon grabbing this bottle and reading the first sentence, “This bottle originated from a boot-legging operation my buddies and I had in college,” I was SOLD. If wine could put on an outfit, and get super fitted for the night this would be it.

The Perfect Wine & Food Pairing

No seriously, I threw that sh*t in the basket faster than Steph. After grabbing a few others, (we’ll get to those later), walking to the register I realize I didn’t even check the back. Something I never forget to do before making a buying decision. Anyways, as if buying a Bentley for a Honda price wasn’t enough, the title of the wine on the back (drumroll please) “Sexual Chocolate” Instantly, I’m thinking date night just got turned up a little.

Sexual Chocolate

I’m kind of a Wine Snob

When it comes to wine, there are many first impressions you can get with every bottle you open. When it comes to my wine? Not gone lie, I’m a bit of a snob. Most wines are that nice flirtatious type. You know the tease: “Hey, I’m attracted to how you look, but deep down the substance is wack as f*ck.” It might even be a real good one night stand too. You know that one wine you had a lot of fun with, but never came back to. Wake up in the morning regretting it hard asf.

Sometimes, you get that one where everything clicks. She looks good, she smells good, she taste good… lol let me chill. Let’s fast forward to the grand opening. Following the instructions in the title, I popped the cork to this joint on a Wednesday night. This shit is smooth, the first sip opened me right up. Nice and balanced, with a smooth crisp finish. Going on another tangent, balance is a word I’ve come back to many times in my adulthood. It’s hard to explain, but it perfectly describes my first sip. Like the wine was full bodied & full of flavor at the same time like … like Free from 106 & Park.

A Pizza Fit for the Gods

Anyways, after a careful sip, the young chef in me says “Yo let’s pair this wit a Pizza.” Not just any pizza, let’s make a home-made Moz and Basil pizza. Honestly, The pizza felt like a pairing from the Gods. I had to act. So I grabbed my mask, ran out the house to the car, and headed to Trader Joes. On my shopping list? Pizza crusts, some sauce, and a few toppings. Low key? This night became one of the best and easiest dinners of quarantine.

Like Free from 106 & Park

Check below for Pizza Recipe:

  • Pizza Crusts in the frozen isle. Don’t worry, the dough never tastes like it was frozen
  • Mozzarella Cheese (Shredded)
  • Tomato & Basil Sauce
  • Sun-Dried Tomatoes
  • Garlic Nutter
  • Fresh Basil Leaves
  • Salt & Oregano
  • Olive Oil

How to Buy

If you want buy the wine “Sexual Chocolate,” it’s available at this link (click here)

What are you drinking during Quarantine? What’s your favorite wine right now? Let us know in the comments? Until, next time.

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